Central Park Carriage Rides

In a modern city, you will often find pieces of the history of the city dotted around. One of the major historical aspects of New York is the use of a horse and carriage as transportation, as it was the original method of transport used when the city was new.

Another historic feature of New York is Central Park, which was first established in 1857. It has grown to be an iconic park known all over the world, as well as being recognized as a National Historic Landmark.

Combining carriage tours with the iconic landscape of Central Park and the surrounding area is enough to give most people a thrill at the very thought of it. Central Park carriage tours are real, historic, romantic, nostalgic, and available to you right now!

With our very own NYC horse and carriage, you’ll be whisked off on a ride you’ll never forget. Tours of the park, special routes chosen to show off familiar landmarks, or the ride of a lifetime for a marriage proposal, the choice is yours. We’re here to show you the city at its best.

Our private carriage tours take place in a well-maintained comfortable carriage pulled by a beautiful and well-tempered horse. Leave your vehicle behind and enjoy the city at a more relaxed pace, closer to nature, and in touch with the world around you.

Enjoy the experience of Central Park carriage tours throughout the year. If you choose our secret proposal ride package, you’ll find that photography can be included to capture that special moment for posterity. Bring out your romantic side and declare your love for each other in the most famous park in the world. What a story you’ll have to tell your friends and family!

Whatever your reason for being in New York and visiting Central Park, we’re sure you’ll enjoy a carriage ride in Central Park. There is no other city like it, no other park like it, and no other ride like it. We’re proud of the heritage of our city and we want you to experience at its best. To our mind, that is with a horse and carriage.

Book your Central Park carriage tours online today to avoid disappointment. We’re always busy and people come back time and again to enjoy the scenery and the experience. Don’t risk missing out on a carriage ride in Central Park, New York.

Best Park and NYC Carriage Tour

Take in the sights and sounds of New York City in a carriage ride in Central Park and beyond. No visit to New York is complete without seeing Central Park, and our carriage tours will let you see the park at its best. you’ll be driven around in the comfort of your own carriage, passing the world by at a leisurely pace, seeing all that the park has to offer.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Once you’ve exhausted the park, your NYC horse and carriage will leave the park and head southwards on the world famous 5th Avenue. You’ve seen it in the movies, now you can experience it in your own life.

The circular tour lasts for up to an hour (depending on traffic) and takes in some of the most well-known sights in New York. Perhaps you know the Wollman ice skating rink, not necessarily by name, but you will know it when you see it. It’s been featured in movies like Home Alone 2, Serendipity, Love Story, Night at the Museum, Limitless, and more besides.

You see the carousel featured in Face/Off (John Travolta not included), Sheep Meadow (famed for protests, rallies, and concerts in the 1960s), Literary Walk with its statues of famous writers, and Chess & Checkers House (as seen in Independence Day).
You’ll also pass by the Central Park Dairy, Zoo, and the Plaza Hotel. As you head into the city, you’ll see the Tiffany store, Trump Tower, and St Patrick’s Cathedral. Look out for Sax Fifth Avenue, Rockefeller Plaza and ice skating (Home Alone 2 again and Elf), Magnolia Bakery, and Radio City Music Hall.

Round it all off with a view of the LOVE sculpture, and you’ll have had one of the greatest tours in New York ñ our Central Park carriage tours don’t have to just stay in the park!

We’d enjoy showing you around the city we call home, and you’ll find that this tour is available

Monday through Saturday starting from 8:30pm each day. On Sundays the tours start at 6:30pm. Book online to make sure you get the chance to experience the city that never sleeps from the comfort of a horse and carriage.

Please note, these tours are not available during December, but are available at all other times of the year. Browse through this link centralparkcarriagerides.com