Happy Tourist Six-Day Uk Pack

Happy Tourist Six-Day Uk Pack

At Happy Tourist, we offer a range of services designed specifically for Indian tourists, including tailor-made visitor packages designed especially around your interests. We can arrange everything from one-day tours of London to a mix of longer UK-based packages, as well as unique combinations that incorporate some of the most amazing places to visit in England and Scotland.

We take the greatest care of our clients and are mindful of any possible language barrier that Indian nationals may face when wanting to visit the UK. For example, we can arrange tours for you to take that includes Hindi Audio Guided Commentary and can even offer free lunch that is provided with selected London tours, so if you plan to explore London and see the most famous sights, you can do this while listening to Hindi commentary to make things easier to understand.

Exploring London and the rest of England

If you are planning to spend a number of days with us in the UK then let us arrange a bespoke six-day UK package for you!

If there are any special places in the UK that you want to visit while you are here, then talk to our team at Happy Tourist to find out how we can help make your holiday a whole lot easier and less frustrating with our services, especially if your spoken English isn’t too good, or you don’t speak English at all.

We have a lot of Indian tourists that come to us for help and guidance about where to go and the best places to visit across the UK. If you don’t know where to start with your holiday, but want to take in some truly spectacular sights and visitor attractions in England, then our experienced team will be on hand to suggest some of the countries favourite not-to-miss attractions.

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We can suggest places to visit such as Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London in England’s capital city, or if you want to explore further afield during your six-day package and take in other major attractions, then we would recommend a visit to Stonehenge, a famous pre-history set of standing stones on Salisbury Plain, or many other places that provide a truly unique experience of British life.

Eat fish and chips in Brighton

What could be more typically English than a traditional trip to the seaside! There is nothing more British than to eat fish and chips while sitting on the pebbly beach in Brighton. If you fancy a stroll along Brighton’s iconic Palace Pier to play a few arcade games or spending a lazy afternoon browsing through the many small independent boutique shops and art galleries on The Lanes, then Brighton has it all!

One of the most visited Brighton attractions is the majestic Royal Pavilion, one-time royal residence and pleasure palace for King George IV, the Royal Pavilion is quite an eye-opening exotic palace in the centre of Brighton that has a very colourful history.

What makes it so unusual is that the palace design and décor elegantly blends a mix of  Regency grandeur with the visual style and colourful influences of both India and China.

Why not talk to our friendly team at Happy Tourist to see how we can help you plan and book your six-day UK package with us. Whether you have a desire to spend your whole week exploring the delights of London, or you fancy taking in experiences further afield, then we will be able to help you!