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Boeing (BA) After Sriwijaya Air Crash, In Trouble

Once again, the Boeing Company NYSE BA has highlighted the fact that 62 people fled from radar to Borneo by a Sriwijaya Air 737 plane on their trip on Jan 9. The old 737 plane variant has supposedly sunk into the Java Sea because both black boxes of the plane have been found again.

Boeing 737 Sequence of Plane Crash

In the last few years, following the accident of two MAX 737 planes killing 346 passengers, Boeing has been under immense scrutiny. The first accident was Lion Air 610 and the second happened in March 2019, while the first was Ethiopian Airlines 302.

Both the MAX 737 Boeing aircraft have been grounded around the world for almost 20 months since these accidents, contributing to an immense boeing turnover. The latest crash in the Indonesian airspace involving the Sriwijaya Air737 aircraft was the second crash after the crash.

Keep going to the mountain

Just as the condition in Boeing’s embattled 737 MAX plane changed, the latest event could delay its rehabilitation again. In the last few months, we have continually changed as many airlines worldwide are preparing to fly by Boeing’s 737 again. The organization was also awarded new orders from a better viewpoint.

The Sriwijaya air crash took place only after NYSE: BA had decided to pay $2.5 billion in damages to dismiss the allegations against US security officials over the construction of its 737 MAX aircraft. Sriwijaya Air Crash The BBC’s report tells the families of the 346 victims who have been killed in the air tragedies over 500 million dollars.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) could re-examine the 737-productive line after the aircraft had received clearance in November 2020 to revert to America following 20 months of grounding due to a recent collapse involving Boeing’s 737.

The risk that Boeing 737 MAX and other versions would be scrapped and forthcoming orders may be seriously affected as a result of the recent air crash.

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