Daleville, Virginia


A census designated place that is located within Botetourt County in Virginia, Daleville is a comfortable and relaxing area that draws in hundreds of guests a year. Some guests are just passing by but there are some that are awed by the relaxed atmosphere that Daleville has which has enticed them to stay a little bit longer.

Things to Do

Guests can do a lot of things during their stay in Daleville. One of the common activities that guests in Daleville enjoy is sightseeing. There are several attractions that are located close to the center of the city, so it is quite easy to just walk to the attractions easily. Playing golf is another favorite activity in Daleville as guests are offered several quality green in several golf courses. Some of the places that guests frequent include the Ashley Plantation Golf Course and Meadows Golf Course. Guests can also take up a little bit of souvenir shopping which can be enjoyed by shoppers who know where to look. Incidentally, Daleville boasts of having specialty shops that have several souvenir options. There are also a number of malls that are located in the area which is ideal for some convenience shopping in case guests need certain things.


Best Hotel Accommodations

There are several quality accommodations that are available in Daleville. Guests can check out some of the top accommodations in the area such as the Super 8 Daleville/Roanoke hotel that is located along Roanoke Road. The hotel boasts of having comfortable guest rooms that have plush beds, air conditioning units, flat screen television, as well as a slew of other facilities. The Howard Johnson Hotel is also another high quality hotel that offers guests with an onsite swimming pool, spa services, as well as high-speed Internet access. Book your Daleville Hotels with Reservations.com.

Restaurants and Dining

Dining in Daleville is a rewarding experience especially when guests find time to explore all the dining possibilities in the city. One of the best places to dine at in Daleville is the Three Li’l Pigs Barbeque which offers guests with various options for grilled or barbequed goods in particular the vinegar pork barbeque which guests swear by. For guests who are hankering for pizza, they can head over to the Bellacino’s Pizza and Grinders as well as Lil’ Cucci’s Pizzeria which has some of the best pizza in the area. There is also a Pizza Hut branch in Daleville which is known for its delicious dishes.


Exploring the City

Guests can take time to explore Daleville as much as they want to by simply going about on foot. This is one of the best methods of fully discovering what Daleville has to offer. While going about Daleville on foot is ideal, there are some guests who wish to rent bicycles for an easier time going about the area. Some may even go as far as going biking up on trails that are already set in the city. However, some guests always have the option of getting rental cars which is perhaps the best method to explore the city especially if guests want to hit the farther places that may be harder to reach on foot. There is, however some public transportation options but these are rarely used.