Discover Beauty & Adventure When You Chase The Sun In Reno Tahoe

Discover Beauty & Adventure When You Chase The Sun In Reno Tahoe

Alpenglow, sunsets, cotton candy clouds, the Milky Way! Skies in Reno Tahoe are constantly serving up a tempting light show, regardless of the season or time of day. Adventure travelers and photographers from across the globe stay in a local Reno NV hotel to experience and capture the beauty of the mountains, desert, and city scenery, all set against an ever-changing but always astonishing backdrop of Northern Nevada’s sunshine and expansive skies.

No matter you perfect getaway entails urban hustle or desert loneliness, you will certainly stumble on inspiration for a memorable itinerary. Are you an early bird? Catch a sunrise. If you are a night owl, the dark skies reveal layers of stars. What about the hours in between? Fill them however you would like.

Getting out on the water on a sailboat is an unquestionably calm and only one of its kind experience, particularly when you are bounded by the exquisiteness of Lake Tahoe. Do not simply imagine the crisp mountain breeze in your hair and the sun on the skin, make it a reality with a sailing cruise. Sit back, calm down and soak up the panorama scenes.

With more than 300 hundred days of sunshine, exploring the city on bike or by foot is a choice almost all year. Art, shopping, and restaurants can be found around every corner in Downtown Reno. Keep your eyes peeled for that most famous Burning Man art and murals that are literally larger than life. After all, it is as much about the journey as it is about the destination.

  • Sights & Lights of Reno

The Truckee River makes its way through Downtown Reno, bringing a bit of nature to the urban side of the city. Take a leisurely walk through the Riverwalk District to hit upon a variety of coffee shops, picnic-perfect parks and plenty of photo ops.

  • Catch Some Rays

What pairs ideally with a hike at Lake Tahoe? A plunge in those clear waters, certainly! Just lace up the hiking shoes and head to monkey Rock for panoramic views of the lake! This is one of the most famous trails, which is around 2.5 miles and it is a comparatively easy climb to an impressive vantage point.

To cool off, take a walk or bike ride along the Incline Village to Sand Harbor bike path that chases the seashore for roughly 3 miles and offers access to coves and beaches. Do not forget the sunscreen and floaties.

  • Unexpected Splendor

Do not let anything keep you from taking in all that the desert has to offer, from assorted wildlife and remarkable rock formations. Spring brings blooming flowers and lively sagebrush. During the summer, set your alarm early or plan for an evening hike to beat the heat, and see the ways scenery changes under the rising and setting sun.

Above all, while you stay in a luxury hotel in Reno, Kramer’s Midtown, do not miss to plan a day to explore outside of the city limits!