Get The Most Out Of Your Honolulu Trip

Honolulu is considered to be one of the most visited holiday destinations in the U.S. Among the most popular Honolulu destinations is Waikiki – an amazing beach. Tourists enjoy an array of activities here and also get to explore the vibrant nightlife and music.

Honolulu Is the capital of the state of Hawaii in the U.S.A. Honolulu in the Hawaiian language means sheltered bay and denotes the natural harbor that the city offers. It is located on Oahu Island, and is estimated to be one of the most populous cities in Hawaii. Historically, Honolulu was a progressing port as it has an ideal location and was visited by merchant ships that have been traveling between Asia and North America. The Hawaiian monarchy was defeated in the early 1900s and it was annexed to the USA.

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Honolulu enjoys the abundant sunshine and a moderate climate throughout the year. The place experiences rainfall in most parts during summers from April to September. However, the rainfall is minimal during winters. Moreover, it has amazing beaches and tranquil waters, which attracts tourists from all around the world.

The main entry into Honolulu is via the Honolulu International Airport terminal, which is well connected not only with the United States but other countries, too. There are also exists an inter-island service provided by the Hawaiian airlines at the Inter-Island terminal. Both these terminals are situated in close proximity and it is great to use the Wikiwiki shuttle free of cost. For local transportation, vehicles can be easily rented out. Moreover, the Honolulu airport shuttle service can also be booked in advance. This allows tourists visiting Honolulu to tour around the city by hiring a local taxi – Explore it all and get back to their hotel or airport hassle-free.

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Situated on the southern shore of Honolulu is Waikiki, which in the Hawaiian language means spouting waters. Popular for its amazing beaches, Waikiki has a number of hotels all of which are in close distance to the beach. Surfing and other water sports are the key attraction and are a must do for all visitors. Professional surfing instructions offer detailed courses which makes it an incredible learning experience. Other than that, Waikiki aquarium and zoo are must visit at this place. The Royal Hawaiian Centre and Waikiki Beach Walk offer amazing dining and shopping experiences.