Top Restaurants In Singapore

Singapore has a large number of wonderful restaurants, restaurants that are highly rated in the world. The city features a wide range cuisine that will satisfy any taste. From affordable local dishes to Michelin quality dishes, French to Japanese, Singapore has it all. We have compiled a list of some of the best restaurants in Singapore for you to try out.

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Burnt Ends

Burnt ends was opened by Aussie chef Dave Pynt in 2013, it has enjoyed much success in Singapore and is one of the top restaurants on our list that is constantly fully booked. The waitlist could potentially extend up to 2 months. This barbeque restaurant will be a one stop for those who love meat as they serve excellent meat from Australia and cooked on custom created grills to really bring out the taste. The restaurant features an open space kitchen where you can watch the chefs work at their craft. The restaurant was ranked 10 in Asia’s 50 best restaurants. A recommended dish to try is the pulled pork burger on brioche.


Known as the first Peranakan restaurant to earn a Michelin star. It’s a place which mixes traditional Peranakan food with modern influences. Suggested dishes to try here include blue swimmer crab curry, turmeric battered soft shell prawn and the westholme wagyu beef randang. What is notable is that the dishes originated from family recipes of chef Malcolm Lee and adapted to keep up with modern tastes.

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Odette is a 3 Star Michelin restaurant located inside the national gallery of Singapore which is famous for its French cuisine and features amazing interior design by Dawn Ng. Ingredients here are carefully selected and although the cuisine is French in nature. The chef and owner of the restaurants Julian Royer has added Asian tastes to freshen the dish, an example would be the foei gras “comme un pho”. One of the trademark mains that fuses Japanese abalone and foie gras. Odette is a perfect blend of atmosphere and good food.

Keng Eng Kee Seafood

Keng Eng Kee Is known for their stir-fried dishes that include coffee pork ribs, moonlight ho fun (flat noodle with raw egg) and also lay claim to the best pork liver clay pot in Singapore. The place can be pretty packed especially in the branch on Bukit Merah Lane, so it’s best to reserve a table in advance.

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J.B. Ah Meng

J.B. Ah Meng has support from the community and a seal of approval from local and international chefs from the likes of Justin Quek, Andrew Walsh and Cure. Again this restaurant features stir fry dishes most notably. San lou be hoon which is a seafood noodle dish presented in a pancake form, crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. They also have brilliant white pepper crabs available on the menu.

Summer Pavilion

One of the best for Chinese food in the city of Singapore and provides gorgeous dim sum, Chinese roast meats, soup with a wonderful selection of teas and wine. Headed by chef Cheung Siu Kong. The establishment of the Ritz Carlton has earned a Michelin star and the set menus here go from $78 per person and $108 for dinner sets. These sets contain Cheung’s signature dishes like Iberico pork with honey sauce and south African abalone with roasted sesame.


Amazing Japanese Kappo Cuisine is served at Esora and the menus here are customized based on Japan’s micro seasons and supplemented with a special tea selection which is paired with the dishes. The chef and owner Shigeru Koizumi have worked in Michelin star restaurants namely Nihonryori Ryugin and the Aforementioned Odette. Like previously mentioned the menu follows a micro season which means ingredients used are from that season, therefore you can never predict what you will get and the menus change practically every week.


Like Esora, Shinji also constructs their menu around seasons, the difference is that this is a sushi bar whereas Esora is straight Japanese Cuisine. A special emphasis is placed on paying great attention to details. The head chef Shunsuke Yoshizawa ensures that the rice is served if of the right proportion and temperature to enrich the flavour. Courses start at $75. Be sure to let the chef know about your preferences as there are many to choose from including chutoro, otoro and anago.

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Braci provides excellent service and value for visitors that decide to venture into this restaurant. The Italian restaurant here may be small but it is definitely worth the wait and sports a rooftop bar and open kitchen. The price is reasonable for a Michelin restaurant as lunch courses start at $58 while dinner courses start at $128. This eatery provides classic dishes such as foie gras semifreddo alongside fig vincotto and beef tenderloin with truffle and chanterelles.

Burger Labo

For the best burgers in town, visit Burger Labo, the burgers features an all beef patty made with a trio of mince beef cuts: the Aomori ribeye, Toriyama Wagyu tenderloin and Black angus beef neck. The buns themselves are laced with bone marrow complemented with tomato, cheese and lettuce, the burger itself is pricey but definitely worth checking out.


Labyrinth has the best of local Singaporean dishes. The chef and owner of labyrinth is very dedicated to the art of cooking even to the point of quitting a desk job within the banking industry to follow his dream. He carries this passion into the dishes he serves as he reinvents traditional local Singaporean food into exquisite and imaginative conceptions such as the chendol xiao long bao, the chili crab and mee pok.