Can I Travel From Greece To Turkey?

Can I Travel From Greece To Turkey?

Now the reason why this is such an important question is because of the fact that, if you are from anywhere around Europe, in order for you to go to Turkey you’re going to need a passport. The same thing goes for pretty much any tourist who is not from Greece.

Start By Visiting Greece

In Greece, people do not really need a passport to travel to Turkey. However, if you are a tourist you might actually be able to enjoy a little bit of this particular freedom. And the right to do so will be to visit the eastern Aegean islands. That is going down the process for you.

If you go online and pay a visit to websites like for example the marmaris rodos feribot website, you’re going to find out that, a very large number of Greek islands are actually not very far away from the Turkish coasts.

Tourists’ Ferry Boats Are What You Need

If you take a boat, you could be there in less than an hour. Of Greek citizens actually moving back and forth every single day. A lot of Turkish citizens actually doing the same thing simply because of the fact that, they actually have business with each other.

Now, if you’re a tourist in the Greek islands of the eastern Aegean there are actually companies that are able to provide you with the opportunity of travelling to cities close to the Greek islands, in Turkey without actually needing a passport to do so.

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Have An Id With You

You will of course need some sort of an ID however, a passport will not be an obligation. So, if you wish to visit the Greek islands and at the same time you wish to visit Turkey, you do not really need to plan two different types of vacations.

You can just plan your vacation in Greece and then simply make sure that you’re going to be visiting an island is close enough to the Turkish cities in Asia Minor. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone. Amazing vacation into different countries with almost half the money.

Going To Different Destinations

Remember that, when you can actually create little destinations like these and enjoy some of the perks of being close to different countries, you definitely need to do so. After all, it’s all about creating beautiful memories so why not take advantage of it as much as possible?