Get The Most Out Of Your BendyMan

Get The Most Out Of Your BendyMan

In today’s electronic world it seems we’re all plugged into our electronic devices. Smartphones and tablets have replaced many items including books, radios, and CD players, even physical games. We use them for work, play, and socialization. It’s not always easy to hold your device while you’re trying to do something that requires steadiness or using your hands; nobody wants a shaky virtual meeting or for their phone to fall over while preparing a recipe. Seldom does a product come along that is so functional you wonder how you ever lived without it! 

Here’s a Solution

Smartphone and tablet holders come in many shapes and sizes, but few are multi-functional and ultra-compact. Their bulkiness or inability to pack in a bag makes them useless when you’re not at home. Enter BendyMan and BendyWoman Flashlights, your new best friends designed to give you a hand when you need to be hands-free. These characters have bendable bodies – including their arms and legs – to help you hold your device steady. Designed for travelers, they always bring their A-game on flights. The wire skeletons allow you to configure their bodies however you need them at the time. 

Multifunctional Bliss

This in-flight companion gives you a bright flashlight that allows you to see what you need with little disruption to your in-flight neighbors – no more fumbling around in the dark because you don’t want to disturb other passengers with the overhead light. Set him up on your tray table as a table stand for your e-reader while you read a book or to hold your phone while you watch a movie. Because of his flexibility, he can easily hold smartphones and smaller tablets at an angle that allows you to view your device without straining; many other device holders only allow a single angle to hold your items. He/She is also awesome at corralling laptop cords or keys in your bag. You can even twist and bend him to create a hook for a small snack bag!


Anytime Anyplace

Just because he’s designed for travelers doesn’t mean you can’t use him all the time; his functionality in everyday life may surprise you. Place him on your counter while you’re trying to follow a how-to video on how to properly recreate that exquisite dish you had on your last international flight (or if you’re just trying to follow a recipe for chocolate chip cookies). He’ll securely hold your phone so it doesn’t fall into your cake batter. Need to hit the grocery after work? Bend him around and sit him at the top of your shopping cart to keep your shopping list handy and visible – whether it’s on notepaper or your phone.

Put Him to Work

If you’re tired of being lonely in your office but don’t want to over-engage with your co-workers, take him to work and place him on your desk – but don’t forget to put him to work! He can hold your business cards or favorite pen for you, or keep cords manageable and wrapped. His bendable body can even hang from the top of your computer monitor to hold a document at eye level off to the side. The best part – he’ll do it all with a smile and no meaningless small talk!

Compact and Ready to Go

If you’re looking for tall, dark, and handsome, he’s probably not your guy; he’s short and bright, although he also comes in classic black for those who want sleek and stylish. Coming in at 6-inches tall and not even .25-inches thick, he’s ultra-compact and ready to go. He easily slips into a pants pocket or your messenger bag. If he’s more of a homebody than a traveler, you can tuck him in a drawer – his bright color will allow you to easily find him!

The possibilities for this flexible little man are limited only by your imagination. People have used him for numerous tasks and the list of functions keeps growing. How do you use your BendyMan?