Full List Of Airlines That Ship Dogs And Other Pets In 2020

Traveling or transporting your dogs or puppies can be very much confusing and troublesome work to be done. This process demands lots of advance planning and precautionary measures to take. Almost all the dog owners want to avail the best possible arrangements to make their canine baby’s transportation procedure comfortable, safe, affordable and fast as well.

If you are traveling from one state to another or moving to another country, airlines are the fastest and easiest way to transport your dog. Different airlines have different dog transportation policies. Not all the international airlines allow cargo holds transportation for dogs. Airlines like American, Delta, Continental and United offer cargo services for shipping dogs of course if all the safety measures and precautions are met. Apart from them there are many more airlines that provide air shipping service.

Let’s have a look on all of them:

American Airlines

American Airlines Group provides cargo services in more than 60 countries all over the world from their hubs located in Chicago, Charlotte, Dallas-Fort Worth, Miami, Los Angeles, Washington, Phoenix, New York and many more. Their fees structure depends on the flight and pet size.

Cost: $125 to $200 onwards

Cabin: yes

Cargo: yes

Animals: cats, dogs, service animals

Delta Airlines

Delta airlines cover cargo holds in transportation areas including Hawaii, Egypt, Heathrow and Gatwick airport, Manchester, Hong Kong, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand etc.

Cost: $75 onwards

Cabin: yes

Cargo: yes

Animals: dogs, cats, household birds etc

Continental Airlines

Continental airlines allow ships to ship as cargo in more than 326 airports on 6 continents from their hubs in NYC, San Francisco, Tokyo, Washington DC, Denver, Guam, Houston and many others. This airline provides both cargo and cabin shipping service. The all over transportation costs varies upon the destination distance, flight and pet size. They allow dogs, cats, properly weaned puppies over 8 months, service animals etc.

United Airlines

United airlines provide pet cargo services in the area that include Mexico, Canada and throughout the U.S. and this particular airlines service is renowned as blue collar pet transporters because of their high rates professionalism and care for fur babies during transportation. Their pet policies are the same as Continental Airlines.

Jet Blue

JetBlue Airlines is a very much pet friendly airway which believes that people are happy when their pets are happy and safe while traveling by air. They provide services mainly on the east and west coast of the United States, Aruba, Columbia and the Caribbean coastal areas. As per their JetPaw program they provide a carrier bag, a list of essential tips to be followed and 300 Trueblue points to the pet owners while traveling with them. Their pet policy details are:

Cost: $100 onwards

Cargo: yes

Cabin: yes

Animals: dogs, service animals, ESAs

Air Canada

Air Canada is the most affordable and extremely global pet shipping service provider  that offers flights from Beijing to Paris and almost all the big cities that you can think of. The best thing is, you can take your canine kid kenneled in a IATA and USDA certified carrier into the plane belly with you. Here are the pet policies:

Cost: $ 50 onwards

Cabin: yes

Cargo: yes

Animals: dogs, service animals etc.

Swiss International Airlines

This airline allows you to take your pet any route you want to. You can carry more than one dog if they are in the IATA affiliated crates.

Cost: $60 onwards

Cabin: yes

Cargo: yes

Animals: dogs, hares, rabbits, service animals

Frontier Airlines

The tagline of this airline service is ” low fares done right”. In that case, this is considered to be the cheapest airline pet shipping service compared to the others. This airline is headquartered in Denver and serves more than 100 big cities including countries like the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican republic, Canada etc.

Cost: $70 to $ 75

Cabin: yes

Cargo: yes

Animals: cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds, service animals

Scandinavian Airlines

When you choose SAS flights for traveling with your dog, make sure that your tickets have been booked at least before 24 hours of your departure as the airline is willing to accommodate you both. If your dog or dogs are weighed more than 14 kgs, they must be sent to the cargo holds as per airline’s regulations. This airline covers the area of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Aberdeen, Manchester, United Kingdom, Ireland and so many major cities.

Cost: $60 to $140 onwards, may be some add on depending upon pet size and carrier

Cabin: yes

Cargo: yes

Animals: they almost allow all the animals.