Places To See In Turkey

Places To See In Turkey

Turkey is a country with many things to do and some of the fantastic places to visit. Turkey is a country worth revisiting as it is challenging to visit all places in a small amount of time. If you get a travel visa to turkey, you should stay a few months there. There you would find two of the seven ancient wonders of the world and very beautiful sites like Hagia Sophia, which is known as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, along with many other world heritage places.

Hundreds of places in turkey, truly deserve mention, we have selected top favorite that has left us with fantastic memories. We mention the best time to visit too because autumn and spring colors change the scenes a lot.

Cappadocia In Anatolian Region

Cappadocia is not only a visiting place, but it is also more than a place, and most visitors take 2 to 4 days to explore this large region. Luner-line landscape and fairy chimneys, make it unique, which are formed by thousands of years of wind erosions.

The best time to visit a landscape is an early sunrise hot-air balloon tour if you get a visa to turkey, not forget to visit Goreme Open-air Museum, which is the UNESCO World Heritage site.

Butterfly Valley

This place is where you can kill two birds with one stone. From Oludeniz beach, book a water taxi to this place name butterfly valley. This boat would ride itself; it would be a marvelous way to view the rugged coastline of beaches, villages, and hills. When you would reach near to arrive at the valley, a tall canyon will present itself for the perfect Instagram picture. The butterfly valley is not much about more activities but admiring the natural scenery.


Fethiye is a coastal city which is located southwestern turquoise coast. It is known for its natural and organic harbor, beautiful blue water, and some of the ancient places nearby. Fethiye is one the best place in Turkey to spend a beach holiday if you got a travel visa to turkey. To get there, the easiest way to catch a flight to Dalaman Airport and take any of the buses for tourists from there. While turkey has hundreds of beautiful places to spend beach holidays, I think Fethiye has its special importance. It has recommended by a lot of visitors to all those who get the visa to turkey to take a boat from one of the main beaches (mainly Oludeniz beach), which would allow you to explore many of the most incredible beaches of turkey during your visit.


We have discussed beautiful places in our posts, you should visit in turkey. If you want to explore this country and it beautiful place, the country is awash with historical places. When even you get visa to turkey and complete a tour of beautiful and historical places of turkey, share with us your journey and the places you like more.