When In Israel: Food You Can Have For Agape

Eat With Love: Have An Agape Feast

The agape is a feast with a purpose. A Greek word that means love, it is also closely linked to Christianity. It is a communal meal that is meant to commemorate the Last Supper. In it, members gather around and eat together before receiving communion.

You may be part of an upcoming LDS tour to Israel. There will be historical places you will visit such as Nazareth or the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. You will also meet friendly locals during your stay. But it would also be great if you and your entourage could take part in an agape feast. Being in the birth land of Jesus Christ will make it more authentic and meaningful.

The Last Supper Connection

Just what were the disciples eating during the Last Supper? Based on a study, food items include unleavened bread, lamb, and wine. It is possible that there are other types of meat and fish there, as well as vegetables. What’s most important is that it was meant to feed a large group of people, a community.

Organizing An Agape Feast

With many food choices around, organizing an agape feast would be easier today. If you are going to do it, there’s a few from the Israeli cuisine that can fit the bill. The selection is a balance of being cost-effective, nutritious, and filling. The Israeli like to have their food variety; so much of what they eat is at home given these criteria. Here’s a look at the food you can serve at your agape:

Israeli Cuisine In Your Feast

Commonly found in Israeli cuisine are eggplant and tomatoes. These are very nutritious and would make for good ingredients for salads or appetizers. Chop the tomatoes and then add chopped cucumber, onions, and parsley to make an Israeli salad. Complete it by drizzling an olive oil dressing on it. This resembles salsa and goes well anywhere as a side dish.


Falafel is a popular dish made of ground chickpeas. This is then rolled to the shape of a ball and deep-fried. It is a perfect snack that anyone can enjoy. The contrast of crispy outside and soft inner textures is a feast for your mouth.

Pita bread is also a fixture in their cuisine. It can go with various spreads such as hummus, or you can fill it with meat and vegetables like a sandwich. This is best paired with shawarma, which would be a complete meal in itself. You have your bread, meat, and vegetables all served and ready to eat.

In keeping with the Bible theme, you can have tilapia, fondly called St. Peter’s fish. This can be grilled or fried and packs a lot of meat. Its bones are also easy enough to see right away, making it easier to eat than other fish.

Shakshouka is yet another dish that has tomatoes. It also has poached eggs. This is a very filling dish and can be served by itself, with rice, or with pita bread.

There is a wide availability of fruits such as peaches, grapes, and mangoes. These also would serve well as desserts. Refreshing drinks can be made out of the juice of citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons.

The agape is also called the love feast. Sharing food is an act of love, as you are providing sustenance and nutrition to others. It would be a fulfilling experience to take part in.